How to play niu niu

What is Niu Niu?

Niu Niu is namely fighting bull or bullfighting. It is a simultaneously multi-player simple betting and sorting chess and card games. Players can sit on the bank if they meet the conditions of playing the bank, and the player compares the card size with the banker to determine the winner. Many online casinos have tables set up for playing Niu Niu. So that you can play this game on the Internet.

When playing Niu Niu, were you confused by what Niu 1 Niu 2? Players who don’t know how to play Niu Niu quickly come over. The editor has prepared an introduction to how to play Niu Niu. If you want to get rid of the title of a rookie, please prepare this article!

Niu Niu, there are four parties to play, one banker, three players. Remove the ghost card when playing. Each side is dealt 5 cards, compare big and small! ~10, J, Q, and K are bulls. These cards are counted as 10, and then add up the other cards. If you add up to a lot of points, remove the multiple of 10. For example, if you take 3, 4, 10, J, and Q, it is 7 points. If 5 cards add up to a multiple of 10, such as 9, 1, J, Q, K, 5, 7, 8, 10, K, this kind is full of bulls, it has to be tripled. If you press 5 yuan and the dealer is smaller than you, he will pay you 15 yuan.

If we play here, 8 points and 9 points are doubled. (As for this kind of multiple times, it can be set by the player) Like 5 6 8 KQ, this kind of three cards that cannot add up to 10 is called “no bull”. If there is no bull, it is better than a single card. The size is compared in the order of black and red plums. The king of spades is the largest in a single card. One more thing to note is that there is a saying in bullfighting that “two bulls don’t eat grass”, that is, if you don’t have bulls, two of them add up to 10, for example, 8 2 9 1 5. Those that cannot be counted as 5 points can only be counted as 9 points. But like 3 3 4, 2 2 6, 6 6 8, 9 9 2, 7 8 5…. These three cards add up to a multiple of 10.

Please note: different regions may have different play rules!

How to play niu niu

The rules of Niu Niu

The basic card type of Niu Niu

  1. No points:
    • Any 3 of the 5 cards cannot add up to a multiple of 10 (such as 5, 6, 8, 10, J).
  2. There are points:
    • Any 3 of the 5 cards add up to a multiple of 10, but the other 2 cards are not a multiple of 10 (such as 5, 6, 7, 9, J).
  3. Niuniu:
    • Any 3 of the 5 cards add up to a multiple of 10, and the other 2 cards are also a multiple of 10 (such as 5, 6, 9, 10, J).
  4. Four flowers:
    • One of the 5 cards is 10, and the other 4 are flowers (such as 10, J, J, Q, K).
  5. Five flowers:
    • All 5 cards are flowers (such as Q, J, J, Q, K).
  6. Five Elementary:
    • All 5 cards are less than 5, and all add up to less than 10.
  7. Bomb:
    • 5 cards are the same as 4 cards.


Size comparison

  1. Card type: Bomb> Five Small> Five Flowers> Four Flowers> Niu Niu> Points> No Points.
  2. Color: Spades> Hearts> Grass Flowers> Diamonds.
  3. Leaflet: K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> A.


Comparison of the same card types:

  1. No points: larger than a single sheet.
  2. There are points: the size of the score, cow 9> cow 8> cow 7> cow 6> cow 5> cow 4> cow 3> cow 2> cow 1.
  3. Niu Niu: It is larger than the leaflet + colour.
  4. Four flowers: larger than leaflet + colour.
  5. Five flowers: larger than a leaflet + colour.
  6. Five small: ratio points + leaflet + suit size. (Not supported in some regions.)
  7. Bomb: Big cards eat small cards, K is the largest, A is the smallest.


Special rules

Multi-door betting: The player is allowed to take multiple doors, but can only take up to 3 doors. When the banker and the player are compared and settled, if the banker’s money is not enough, the player below will not be able to lose the money (close to the banker first). 10, J, Q, and K are all counted as 10, and other cards are counted according to their face value.


Winning calculation

Double the card type:

  1. No points or Niu 1, Niu 2, Niu 3, Niu 4, Niu 5, Niu 6: 1 time.
  2. Niu 7, Niu 8, Niu 9: 2 times.
  3. Niuniu: 3 times.
  4. Four flowers: 4 times.
  5. Five flowers: 5 times.
  6. Five elementary schools: 6 times
  7. Bomb: 6 times
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