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Trusted Casino Online Malaysia 2020

In fact, in addition to gambling directly at Genting Casino, many Malaysians also like online gambling (online casino Malaysia or online betting). The reason is that Genting Casino is still very far away from people living outside Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Therefore, online gambling has also become a convenient choice for many people. Even many KL people and Selangor people go up the mountain because of laziness. They are also very active in online gambling and won a lot of money but no one knows.

Online gambling in Malaysia is really convenient now because, in addition to playing on the computer, you can also install apps to play on your mobile phone, and you can even play without downloading! These online gambling companies have more games than Genting, except for the traditional blackjack, poker, roulette, Tai Sai, baccarat, and Paigow. Also, there are many new games such as horse racing machine, dinosaur machine, slot machine and so on.

The graphics of these small games are exquisite, and the station traffic is very small, only more than 10 MB for a whole day. When you become addicted to gambling, you can play online whenever you want, which is much more convenient than going to Genting Casino.

The author collected the 5 most popular online gambling sites in Malaysia in 2020. These gambling sites have a long history and a wide range of games. You come once at the most important moment. You are not afraid of winning and being counted.


AFBCash Malaysia (afbcash.com) is a betting website that has quickly become popular in Malaysia in recent years. This betting company is famous for its top-up bonuses, which can even be as high as 100%. The feature is that there are many types of games, especially slot machines with more than 1,000 classes! In addition to the AG familiar to Asians, the Online Casino platform also includes Taishan, Evolution, Ezugi, Gold deluxe, GamePlay, etc. Support mobile games without downloading. If you are a novice, I suggest you can play this website. You can get 200 to play with top-up 100, which is more worthwhile. If you are not familiar with them but want to give it a try, you can apply for their free bonus RM30 and try it out before you decide to deposit.


I believe everyone is familiar with 918Kiss. ​​Although there are not many games in 918Kiss, it is easy to register (usually find the agent to register), and then you can play directly after downloading the software. But be careful, because the agents are all operated by themselves. If you encounter a bad agent, you may run away when you make a lot of money, so choose carefully. And also, you can play 918kiss on afbcash.com.

Pragmatic Play

Similar to 918Kiss, it also started as an Agent. Well-known games include Ocean King, Dragon Tiger, Monkey Story, etc. In addition to slot machines and popular fishing games, there are also live games. The game is very simple and convenient. And also, you can play 918kiss on afbcash.com.


AFB1188 is a famous ball game company earlier, and there are a lot of Agents, but in the first few years, it only focused on football, basketball and other ball games. Later, table games were added.

If you want to play this company on afbcash.com, it is often necessary to open the agent, which is a bit lacking inconvenience. If you don’t want the ones mentioned above, you can directly reload the money to play with internet banking.


GD88 is one of the multinational betting companies, and sometimes holds competitions to attract customers. If you are a highly skilled player, you can consider coming here to try your luck. And also, you can play 918kiss on afbcash.com.

This website also has a tutorial, which is convenient for newcomers to learn how to play. This company can also use a credit card to Top-up.


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